Madison Banquet Room

Seating Capacity:140

Standing Capacity: 200

Features: private bar (Alexander reception area), washrooms, separate entrance, patio

James Room

Seating Capacity: 65

Standing Capacity: 100

Features: private bar & reception area, washrooms, overlooks beautiful grounds

Hutton Room

Seating Capacity: 35

Standing Capacity: 50

Features: second floor (only accessible by stairs), view of the Hutton Valley, full A/V for meetings

Izaak Room

Seating Capacity: 50

Standing Capacity: 75

Features: patio option, full A/V, private bar, overlooks beautiful grounds

Sekula Room

Seating Capacity: 30

Standing Capacity: 40

Features: private bar, private covered outdoor terrace, overlooks beautiful grounds

Terrace Outdoor Gardens

Features: beautiful landscaping, large gazebo, patio tent, large outdoor covered bar area, licensed
for outdoor alcohol service, fireworks permitted


Seating Capacity: 60

Standing Capacity: 80

Features: private, covered outdoor area, overlooks beautiful grounds

Outdoor Tent

Seating Capacity: 100-250

Standing Capacity: 400

Features: Tables, chairs, lighting, flexible setup, overlooks beautiful grounds